Excursions by Sea-Kayak in Serifos

Serifos Sea kayak CenterIf what you are after is adventure and the joy of traveling, sea kayaking around Serifos should be absolute "Heaven" for you.
This is an excursion dedicated to the sea, the sun and the cool summer mood...

Sea sports at Serifos Sea Kayak Center

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Walk around the Hiking Trails of Serifos

Serifos’ pathsThe entire island is full of narrow and short hiking paths, which wait for the aspiring travelers to enjoy them. Many of these paths, running on the perimeter of Serifos island, lead to many magical little bays and beautiful retreats for the lovers of adventure or those who wish to explore the island inch by inch.

Boating, Fishing, Snorkeling and Diving in Serifos

SAILING - FISHING in SERIFOSCombine your cruise around Serifos with fishing.

In Serifos you will find some of the most beautiful beaches of the Agean Sea. Even though many of them have road access, reaching some beaches means following scenic trekkable or stony paths while others are accessible only by boat.